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The CPD accredited introduction to Neurodiversity courses we currently provide are:

Adventure, Play & Leisure Parks

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Retail & Commercial

Education, Teachers & Support Staff

Neurodiversity Champion

A Parent’s Guide To Autism Positivity

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We are always working towards new and improved CPD accredited courses. Please keep checking the website for future updates.

Become A Neurodiversity Champion:


If you would like to become a Neurodiversity Champion for yourself, your organisation or if you think another organisation would benefit from this training, please get in touch by sending us an email: training@apcymru.org.uk

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What People Are Saying

We would like to thank you all of those who have kindly left feedback! We appreciate all comments, questions and suggestions to further enhance our training.

Here is our recent feedback:

Rosalind Davis, First Campus Officer, Cardiff University
‘Excellent training. Great to be trained by people with first-hand experience and a lot of knowledge. Learnt a lot.’

Kelly Hogan, Trio Sci Cymru Administrator, Cardiff University
‘I found the AP Cymru Autism training extremely useful for gaining up to date information about Autism and learning how to communicate effectively with Autistic children and young adults in order to  encourage them to attend university. I also learnt how we can adapt our services and offerings to better suit their needs. Karen and Donna were a joy to spend time with and their openness and honesty about their own experiences was admirable. They left me feeling positive that I had the knowledge to help and support autistic individuals through my role in the future.’

Linda Smith, First Campus Co-ordinator, Cardiff Metropolitan University
‘Really insightful and valuable training. You are so generous in sharing your knowledge and personal experiences, highly recommend to HE colleagues’.

Sian Catley, Senior First Campus Officer, Cardiff University
‘I thoroughly enjoyed the training from AP Cymru in January.  Our team works with autistic children and young adults as part of one of our projects to reduce barriers into higher education.  To have more of an understanding on how to engage with the participants is invaluable in ensuring we are offering them the right support and advice to progress.  Both Karen and Donna were incredibly honest about their own experiences, and the humour they brought to the training meant you weren’t afraid to ask questions!

Helena Fern, First Campus Co-ordinator, Cardiff University
‘I really enjoyed the training session and learning more about the experiences of people who are autstic. There was a lot of valuable information that we can use in our events to make them more accessible. Thank you AP Cymru, particularly Donna and Karen, we will definitely be in touch to work together again in the future!’

Steve Mogford – Cardiff Airport
Attended many of these workshops at Cardiff Airport & can categorically say that they are some of the best sessions I have been a part of.
Training can become a tedious process but AP kept the mood light, the sessions interactive as well as very empowering & informative especially given the nature of the content which at times can become very personal and emotional.
Every session although held the same information was different which is a credit to the team.  Would highly recommend.

Bethan Whitehead, SENCO
As part of a class topic on hidden disabilities, Team AP visited us to do a whole school assembly and a class Q & A session.  This followed on from a truly informative Autism Champion Training session for all teaching staff. The children & staff really enjoyed meeting Cwtch The Bear who did a really wonderful assembly on life with Autism.

Laura Wiltshire, General Manager, The Holiday Inn
Having attended a variety of different training sessions working for a large branded company & I can honestly say that the training delivered by AP Cymru stands out as one of the best sessions myself & team have attended.  The main & most significant difference being the training draws from the personal experiences & real life circumstances that these ladies live & work in. Their infectious personalities put you at ease immediately & I can honestly say my team have never come across so willing to participate in a training session before!

Luke Merchant, Schools Outreach Officer, Cardiff University
‘AP Cymru offered a great training session, making it fun and interactive while still being very informative, I look forward to training with them again in the future to further improve my knowledge’