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AP Cymru – The Autism Charity provides direct, bespoke support to autistic individuals and their families during all stages of their journey. We provide exclusive inclusive activities for the whole family, Autism Champion Training, clinics, workshops and a Face2Face support service.

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This is brilliant!I rarely hear parents or professionals speak about this, but Autistic people speak to each other about it all of the time. Autistic individuals are empathetic, to the extreme. Think about it...How would we otherwise be so sensitive to everything else but not all of the different moods and feelings around us?

A huge part of the sensory environment includes others. Their emotions are very loud, for better or worse. If you are anxious, chances are we will absorb that anxiety or mirror it. Due to alexithymia, we may not even be aware where it came from.

That's another reason why people and socializing can be difficult. This is on top of the loud smells, conversations, social and cultural expectations, etc. Being around a lot of people can sometimes feel like a minefield. This is true even though I love crowds and the busyness of others.

It is also why a parent's attitude is important to their child's success. If a parent feels burdened, or has low expectations for a child, that kid will feel it too and reflect that in "behaviors", anxiety, depression, anger, etc or worse: actually living down to those low expectations.

The best thing people can do for their loved ones is not hide any emotion, but take care of themselves and pinpoint how they are adding or subtracting from a positive environment.

[Image text: One HUGE sensory issue in the environment that is rarely talked about: Other people's attitudes and emotions"]
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3 days ago

AP Cymru

Amazing performance ❤

BBC Eurovision
The Shalva Band, one of the stand out moments from last night's semi-final. A group of disabled Israeli musicians who gave a mesmerising performance of A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.
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4 days ago

AP Cymru

Let's all share and aim to end the stigma of #mentalhealth

#lookafteryou #yourtime #selflove
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5 days ago

AP Cymru

Today we held our first DLA Informatiom session - it opened up great discussion within the session and all parents provided brilliant feedback.

We originally thought that this workshop would be 2 hours but think moving forward it would realistically be 3 hours with a short break half way through.

#autism #adhd #mobility #dyspraxia
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Practice Night., Our team met at Friars point.We set up for a Full Cliff rescue, Our New team members were able to gain experience controlling the Main and Safety lines. Our Qualified rope technician, Went over the cliff face with our Casualty Stretcher.


Absolutely over the moon to be elected in for a 3 year term! Huge thanks to all that voted very overwhelmed right now 😊😍 #CoopNMC @coopuk @coopukcolleague https://t.co/2ZvGSoxpTp

Today we held our first DLA Information session - it opened up great discussion & all parents provided brilliant feedback
We are hoping to run this session bi-monthly - message us for details
#autism #disability #diversity #differentnotless #byparentsforparents #ActuallyAutistic

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Global’s Make Some Noise

AP Cymru are happy and privileged to announce that we are one of Global’s Make Some Noise’s charities for 2018. Not only have they pledged to raise money to help fund our Face-to-Face Outreach Service, they are providing training and support to team AP, and lifting up our voices, and those of other charities just like ours.

For more information about Global’s Make Some Noise and how they’re supporting AP Cymru, please click here.

Slimebuster Workshop – 13th March 2018

The children had a fantastic time at our Slimebuster workshop on Tuesday 13th March 2018, and learned all about the science of making slime – perfect for National Science Week. They loved choosing colours and glitters to make their creations as unique as they are, and were thrilled that they could take their creations home.

Many of the children (and adults) who participated have sensory integration difficulties, particularly regarding smell, touch and texture. We are extremely proud of all who attended the session as although (as with all of our workshops) attendees can participate as much or as little as they like, all who attended handled the slime with their bare hands completely of their own volition; a huge step for many who came and a testament to their comfort at AP Cymru sessions.

Alongside sensory integration, the children demonstrated brilliant sharing and turn taking skills, and had a lot of fun socialising with their friends. It is extremely important to these children and their families that they are able to participate in fun activities in a small group setting, and AP Cymru strive to provide a wide range of activities such as this workshop to cater for every stage and age. The children come to have fun, and leave with increased confidence and self-esteem.

In order for AP Cymru to continue to facilitate workshops and fun activities for autistic people and their families, we rely heavily on public support as we receive no government funding. If you wish to make a donation, please click here. You will be making a huge difference to autistic people and their families.

Stop Motion Animation Session – 22nd January 2018

The children had a brilliant time at their stop motion animation session with Codez Academy. As this was the first week, the children could choose whether they wanted to work in groups or individually for the duration of the course, and started to think about what their end video could be.

The session began with a video showing the children what can be achieved using stop motion animation. Following the clip, the children created storyboards, and created draft figures out of Plasticine to get an idea of how their ideas can be brought to life. There was some fantastic team work, and amazing creativity from all of the children. We can’t wait until next week when they will start building their sets using recycled materials.

Vol nteering: all that’s missing is U!

We are filling our fundraising diary quickly, and have a large number of events planned already. Unfortunately, our core team is extremely small, and we need your help.

Join our volunteer bank today, and commit as little as one hour of your time.