Whitchurch Fire Station Firework Extravaganza

We will definitely remember the fifth of November 2017, as this was the first year AP Cymru had been invited to Whitchurch Fire Station’s famous annual firework extravaganza. We held a cake and fidget spinner sale, and were extremely popular, and completely sold out of cakes before the display even started; young or old, everyone loves a cake!

Thanks to the cake donations from Asda Coryton and Co-Op food, we made an extraordinary £162.91.

The display itself was incredible. The fireworks were beautiful, there was an outdoor area at the front of the viewing area specifically for wheelchair users, and an indoor quiet area for anyone with sensory or anxiety issues. Not only was the display fully inclusive and well thought out, as it was run by fire-fighters, safety was second to none.

All in all, this was an extremely successful event, and we really hope we’re invited back next year; we promise to bring more cakes if we are!