Hello Chameleons (and supporters!),

I know that lots and lots of people are worrying about the future, now more than ever.

‘What’s going to happen next?’,

 ‘Will things ever be the same again?’,

 ‘Will I make it now?’,

 ‘How am I going to get through that?!’

There are lot’s of worries and questions floating through our heads – I like to call them worry bubbles – and sometimes I need to pop a few worry bubbles to feel calm again.

I think a main worry bubble for a lot of us and our families are regarding education. Therefore, I thought I’d give a brief insight into what I was like. To help you see that you are not alone and things will work out.

Throughout my life I have wanted lots and lots of jobs. I wanted to be:

 A teacher and I would line up my Teddie bears and practice the register, 

A police officer, after becoming really interested in a series called The Bill.

A hairdresser and a beauty therapist because it seemed glamorous

An Air Hostess so that I could dramatically state the safety features and imitate the actions. 

A dance teacher, a writer, a carer for animals and a cleaner.

We have lots of choice and we’re often asked what we want to do. It can be really difficult to think about the future, especially when you are asked directly and you don’t know what to say.

I struggled with school massively, and tried lots of different college courses. Change really scared me, I wanted things to stay the same. Like all of you now, I wasn’t in school and I missed a lot of education and those worries would consume me and my family.

Despite all of the different changes in what I wanted to do, the setbacks and the anxiety, I finally found my niche. I have always loved writing, creativity and I’ve always been passionate about educating others about autism. Firstly for my brother, I would try to educate my peers in the playground, and for my English presentation topics I would always try to chose something relating to autism. Eventually I was starting to speak up for myself too.

What I believe about chameleons is we are determined, driven individuals. We might want to give up and hide, but with the right support systems around us we can achieve so much. No matter what route it takes to get there. That is why I shared my story with you. I’m living proof that our worries about education will always be there, but there are always options.

Me writing this will not take away your worries, but it’s what I like to call a glimmer of hope. There are lots of strategies we can try to help with worries. Here are a few we can try:

  • Write them down and tear the note up,
  • Jump on the worry by jumping in place, 
  • Squish the worry with our hands,
  • Use our voice to make sounds,
  • Use our body to shake out the worries
  • Use or draw pictures to communicate our worries.

There is such a variety of support available to you and you will find something that helps you. The Chameleon will be creating content and Team AP will always work hard to find strategies to suit you and your family.

Finally, you are incredible. You have faced so many changes in such a short time and the thought of more changes to come is a scary feeling, but us chameleons and supporters can do this together!

Take care today, will be back writing to you soon!

Cerys the Chameleon