Family Fun

At AP Cymru, we understand just how difficult it can be to go out as a family. The stigma which attaches itself to Neurodiverse conditions can feel overwhelming, and most play centres are a minefield of sensory overload for the Neurodivergent person.

We have teamed up with a number of family fun centres across Cardiff and Caerphilly to provide an understanding, safe, and (where possible) exclusive access environment for our families to have fun, and children to play in a stage not age manner.

These sessions also give our parent/carers the opportunity to talk to each other, and provide support to one another based on their own experiences.

AP Cymru often provides Neurodiversity Training for all staff at each of the family fun centres we use, to ensure our families can access their facilities safe in the knowledge that their needs will be understood and met.

Activity Programme

Here are a few venues that we’ve used and our families have really enjoyed:

We put on a huge range of activities which allowed our families to get out, have fun, and try things that may not have been possible outside of our empowering and inclusive setting.