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Are you struggling to get on top of your child’s behaviour?

Do you find it hard to be positive about anything at the moment?

Would you like to have a different approach to your own life and your child life?

Would you like to be happier and less worried about your child’s future ?

This brand new 1/2 day work shop may be for you. Run by Anna Parton BSc RD ( HCPC Reg) an experienced  dietitian , autism and conflict trainer. Anna brings a wealth of experience, having worked with individuals and groups (as well as being a mum to a 22 year old son with autism).


” There are not many challenging behaviours I haven’t witness, seen , worked with or have personally encountered that I haven’t got some ideas and hints and tips that I could share with you. Every child is unique, and not everything works for these complex people , but I  can honestly say the biggest gift I gave and give to my son and to my family is to be OK when he’s not…but as parent Carers we rescue  and protect our family’s and our children. If you are unhappy and your child is unhappy you just have 2 unhappy people. This behaviour is hard to alter but hugely empowering when you can achieve it . What have you got to lose , suspend your disbelief you never know this course may even help.”