Testimonials from people who are part of our lovely AP Family

“AP were fundamental support for us with two children and myself going through the nearly 4 years we’ve been going through diagnosis. As well as events where you felt you could relax and the joy of seeing your kids joining in, being able to meet other families and find out you’re not on your own. Practical advice and workshops have been amazingly useful. We’ve found true friends through AP as well as knowing you have someone on your side to guide, help and support you. We would have been lost without AP.”

Lydia Niziblian, September 2017

“AP is an amazing charity which has supported our whole family through diagnosis and while our daughter, 11, has grown. Their informative workshops have been an opportunity for us all (including grandparents) to learn about autism and meet other families. Both children, one of whom is not autistic however has always been welcome, have benefited from after school provision which help in confidence and socialising. Most importantly as a mum I’ve been able to connect with other mums and not feel so isolated. Karen (founder member) is an inspiration. I honestly don’t think our family would be as happy or successful without this charity. Thank you AP.”

Suzie Tyack, September 2017

“Joining this group was a turning point for my family. With two children on the spectrum we were increasingly isolated with regard activities suitable for the entire family. Since we joined, the children regularly attend fun events and activities, we have learned a lot to help us with informative talks and clinics, and also made some great friends along the way.”

Natasha Evans, September 2016

“AP was the very first support I ever received in the very early days, going through diagnosis, and I met most of my network of autism family friends through this group. i went from being isolated and afraid to having wonderful friendships, still some of the most important I’ve ever made. Five years later they are still giving me invaluable support with their family play sessions at Jump and Parc, and I depend on them and am so very grateful x thank you AP x”

Marie Thomas, March 2016

“AP deserves so much recognition and support for the absolutely fantastic work they do in helping whole families on their journey with autism. I can’t praise them enough for the guidance & support they have offered myself and my family and absolutely wonder how we would possibly have coped without them. I will forever strive to help gather funds when possible for this, a lifeline to so so many families. A special word for the wonderful Karen Dawn who runs this charity so professionally and yet couldn’t be more approachable & comforting. God bless you all.”

Anna Neal, November 2015

“Amazing people so helpful and really make you feel at ease with everything. They have helped us loads already and we have only known about them just over a week. Fantastic charity and we will be forever in their debt xx”

Michelle Lovell, July 2014

“This charity and the people involved are simply amazing!! They are so kind, caring and helpful. If I could give 100,000,000 stars I would!”

Luisa Darlow, November 2015

“These people are amazing. The wonderful thing is they actually don’t know the difference they make to peoples lives. Parents and children. I loves um I do!”

Ashley Collins, March 2015

“A wonderful charity who supports hundreds of families. They have created a wonderful autism community in Cardiff and I’m proud to be involved with them.”

Dean Beadle, Speaker on Autism and Charity Ambassador, April 2014